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Its A Dogs Life Daycare Policy

Customer Care

We strive to not only make our Customers happy but the pups that attend our daycare, training, pack walk and VIP boarding. We aren't like your usual day camper, boarding, training facility as we tend to take more time giving tips, tricks, and customer and pup care when customers need it. If the customer has a bone to chew on so to speak regarding the behavior of their dog we give the best advice needed. We simply say, "having a dog is like having a child" It works both ways. You just have to put your mind to it and do it! Make your dog a better, well rounded, social dog and our care can go so much further for you and your dog.

Privacy & Safety

We strive on safety for your dog and we do require all dogs leashed upon arrival and departing our door to the parking lot. We ask for appropriate dog harness's or collars for daycare and potty breaks. We do ask for proper collar wear for dogs that don't know how to walk appropriately if they partake in our pack walks. If the dog is trained on a harness a harness is acceptable. We always like to stress to our customers it's safety for you're dog and It's A Dogs Life while we walk dogs in a pack from 5 to 10 dogs at a time. If you don't have a proper walking collar we sell the collars for the pack walks. For the relief of your dog we always ask our customers to PLEASE make sure your dog has had a poo and a loo prior to arrival as we must wait for all our dogs to arrive at our business and we want everyone comfortable prior to getting outside. 

Dog Behavior Inquiries

We Will Be Setting Up An Online Dog Behavior Program Soon.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards



*Crypto coming soon *

- Offline Payments

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