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Our Story

It started a long ago back in 2004 living in Malibu CA owner Alecia Nelson worked in the Fitness Industry full time and as a side hobby she boarded and trained pups. Nelson decided to take a leave from the Fitness Industry after working with clients for 25 years. She made a pack with the furry pups in 2011 and decided to open the first It's A Dogs Life Academy with a business partner in the state of Maine. Upon their arrival along the shores of Maine, the Mainers said, you never move from Malibu to Maine, you move from Maine to Malibu. With that being said, they took the challenge on regardless as the city said, "we need a business like yours in this cute town, especially with a little L.A. flare". Within 6 months It's A Dogs Life Academy was slammed with boarders, day campers and training and editorials in the Down East magazine as the best doggie business's in Maine. For the next four years they received 'Best In Town' yearly awards and another editorial with Down East magazine.

As the four years past the weather began to wear on the native California girls itching to get back to SOCAL beach weather. With a very tough decision and the love for their customers who they got to know on a personal level, they made the decision to move back to California. Both Nelson and her business partner decided to open the 2nd It's A Dogs Life Academy in California. It's A Dogs Life Academy opened in 2014 in San Clemente, CA and is nestled in a smaller scaled version than the original 5 acre It's A Dogs Life Academy. Not only did they land in San Clemente CA with a new business Nelson brought a new addition white pug from Maine who Nelson called Gidget. Nelson trained her pug for two years in agility and paddled the seas of the East Coast. When landing in San Clemente Nelson entered her pug into a surf competition where Gidget place 3rd immediately and never thought she would have a talented champion surf pug winning future competitions and hitting every news network, editorial magazine, tv spots, charities and now has her own charity foundation called "Surf Gidget The Pug Healing Hearts Foundation". Surf Gidget The Pug has her own personal site, she's quite a hoot to say the least. Nelson and her business partner strive to run their business on the personal side, many of their customers and their dogs  have become extended family and close friends. Come and visit and you can say hi to the crazy wild surfing pug.

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