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Cute Papillon Dog

The 1st
Pack Walk
& Boarding Dog Gig In San Clemente.

Furry Dog

Some Happy Clients

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Pack Walk Members

Our Services

Pack Walks

Fun Adventure Pack Walks To The Beach, Trails And Throughout San Clemente With trained handlers. Structured Heel Walks With Handlers Who Lead 

Dog Daycare

 Fun, Behaved, Balanced, Calm, Structured Atmosphere Where Barking Doesn't  Exist! Where A Dog Becomes A Dog At Our School And Learns A thing or Two.

Obedience Training

Four Pillars of Positive Pup Training And A One Step Training Method That Teaches You And  Your Dog What Training Really Is From A Dogs Point of View.

online Obedience And Behavioral Training

Looking For Online Dog Training Classes?

ZOOM & TRAIN With Your Pup.

 VIP Pet Boarding

VIP Pet Boarding In The Comfort Of Your Own Home or Our Handlers. Your Pup's Boarding Will Have Daily Pack Walks And Daycare Play.

Bootcamp For Stubborn Dogs

Free Consultation

New Store

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