Your dog is an important part of the family & he or she can be a 10 plus year commitment! 

This program is perfect for your dog if your dog has no social skills, anxiety, senior or just can't take a pack social environment. With years of experience & operation of our East Coast facility we have found dogs that are not socialized, walked, left at home pick up bad behavior & can become very territorial & at times aggressive. Get Started Now! We offer a in home service for 30 minute walks and a potty break 1 to 2x a day when your away For shy dogs! 


$25.00 per visit. (San Clemente) 








Private in home training sessions or a location of your choice is available.

A small investment on proper communication & training techniques can be completed based on your needs to fit your home environment while your away on vacation! 


1/2 hour session: $45.00

Hour session: $75.00

3 sessions: $175.00


Home Course: Discipline, Obedience Training, basic commands & Boundaries

Course includes: Covering the training techniques at your home when you arrive back from vacation! 

For stubborn dogs, ask about our dog Bootcamp while your away! 




Walk & Potty Break While Your Away

Home Training While Your Away

VIP Pet Home Boarding

VIP Pet Home Boarding at it's finest! Your dog stay's in it's own home environment stress free while he or she play's at IADL Academy school all day or at your home 2x a day with 1/2 hr walks each time! We provide home care with qualified pet sitters & a full day of play at our facility! Kennels & Boarding facilities can board up to 50 to 100 hundred dogs keeping many in cages throughout the day or in areas with limited supervision. With the added stress of bringing your dog to an environment your dog is not use to it may add anxiety, fear, aggression, poor diet or simply not eat, foaming at the mouth, disrupted intestinal trac etc...... We have seen it all owning a 5 star boarding facility & no matter how nice the rooms were with delux t.v.'s & suites we had dogs who were still stressed with fear & anxiety! It took more time nurtering & caring for those that never saw a boarding facility before in it's life! 

Take the stress the out of your dog & ask about our VIP Pet Boarding Service at your home! Our added service will provide the daycare & hike, adventure experience at IADL while your dog sleeps at home in his or her own bed! Feel free to contact us about daily rates! 


What We Provide For You:

Qualified Pet Sitter with ID. History Check is Optional. Taking care of your pet! Watering Plants, picking up mail & a thorough clean of the house on the last day! 


What IADL Will Need From You: 

* your pet's health & Vet information.

* Feeding & daily Instructions for the care of your dog.

* Emergency Contact: leave contact information for yourself or for someone who can make decisions regarding your pet in the event of an emergency.