Does Your Dog Need Bootcamp?

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                                                                      Dog Boot Camp
Special 10 Day Package Dog Boot Camp. $50.00 off! 
10 day package All Day Dog Boot Camp with IADL Academy for stubborn dogs! Intense training for social behavior, distraction, recall, basic commands, walking & boundaries! This includes a 1 hour Free session at your home the 1st day Boot Camp Begins. We cover what begins from the inside of your home to outside to make a well balanced dog.
This offer is good until January 3, 2021 Extended Special! 
SPECIAL PRICE: $750.00 10 days of full Boot Camp.
Regular price is: $800.00
What your dog Learns:
* Extended distance obedience
* Heel command
* Watch command (stare at you until you release them)
* Through command (go in between your legs and sit down) -medium to small dogs only.
* Front command (sit directly in front of you )
* Touch command (they will run up and stand (touch) up against anything you point to)
* Sit in Motion command (while in motion, the command sit is given and dog stops and sits)
* Food Refusal and many more!
Your dog goes home each evening & you follow the tips we provide, this is crucial as the owner must continue the program & boundaries at home.  An hour training program after the Boot Camp is completed is recommended for a follow up. 
Training Tip: Always Keep your dog social with other dogs. This means without you at times! A dog learns how to be confident & secure in it's own body if you allow it. If you keep him away from other dogs he becomes dependent on you & can become over protective & this can be the beginning of aggression on the leash, home etc....
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