Behavioral Consultation

Is your dog aggressive with other dogs or people? Does your dog show signs of over protective aggressive behavior of you, family or other dogs you own? Does your dog show signs of biting people or other dogs? Does your dog dominate (humping) other dogs female or male? Does your dog show signs of separation anxiety? Does your dogs destroy beds, chew couches, furniture etc.. Does your dog have bad jumping habits? Does your dog constantly stand near your legs or sit next to you when sitting in a chair or the couch when friends come over or family & show signs of over protecting you? Does your dog bark incessantly inside or outside of the home? Does your dog act anxious, nervous, insecure, no confidence and lacks the skills to navigate through a busy city? Are walks becoming a burden due to your dog’s unruly reactive behavior? One of our favorites we love to ask is, does your dog go in every room of the home? Does your dog sit on every piece of furniture? Does your dog sleep with you? 

These are not uncommon behaviors and with the right support and tools, we can make significant changes in your dog’s behavior.  It is important to evaluate these behaviors in the environment in which your dogs behavior takes place, which is why we generally come to your home to evaluate your dog’s temperament, ask questions and find the right solutions and improve your dog’s behavior. Owner commitment is half the battle. 

Currently we are offering ZOOM consultations or Phone consultations for those who are not comfortable with an hour consult at your home regarding your dogs needs.

Pricing for Behavioral Consultations (aggression and separation anxiety).

Zoom or Phone


1 Hour Consult & Training Tips 


In Home Pricing

$75.00 Behavior Consultation/Obedience Training

1 Hour Consult & Training



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